First blog

What does it mean to eat off the TopShelf? Not literally eating off the a top shelf but getting the most out of food experiences and enjoyment from eating. It’s testing the waters, eating crazy, and seeing whats out there.

Tonight I went to diner at a local to Conway classic, Stoby’s. To see add to a top shelf experience I brought along some old high school friends who go to college out of state. Trading new stories and reliving old ones added to the enjoyment giving me a great top shelf time even if the food was bad. But to make sure I ordered the AMAZING chicken sandwich, which is literally what it is called on the menu. So I had to test if it was actually amazing or just a simple marketing scheme. Turns out! It was amazing a absolutely a top shelf chicken sandwich.

Stoby’s, approved to be TopShelf! Especially if you bring childhood friends you haven’t seen in awhile and if you something that is claiming to be amazing. Because one way to for sure have a TopShelf experience is great company and good food.


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