Go with the octopus

I work in downtown Conway and downtown just got a new restaurant called poke-hula. My boss suggested we walk to it for our lunch break. Once we got there I quickly realized there is a plethora of options to choose from for your sushi bowl. The obvious safe tuna and salmon, or shrimp or chicken. But there was also the choice of octopus… at first I quickly thought “that ain’t happening” but then immediately knew that narrow mindedness towards new crazy food is the exact opposite of what is like to eat of the top shelf. So I decided to go with the octopus as my source of protein, and man did they really not hold back with the serving size.

So here I am bowl full of rice, octopus, pineapple, edamomae, and sweet soy sauce. (mainly octopus…lol) But I was excited I got over thinking it was gonna be gross and was ready for a new experience. And just as i hoped for, it was great!!! kinda weird but great! It wasn’t slimy and gooey or rubbery like I figured it would be but had yummy flavor and my boss thought I was weird by how much I liked it, but that’s just the life of a top shelf eater. Being okay with people thinking its wild or weird because eating new strange food is different but all part of the experience of getting the most out of food.

Trying new foods for fun is what eating off the top shelf is all about. So next time your downtown run by poke-hula and go with the octopus. You won’t be let down and it’ll be eating right off the top shelf.


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