Some FAT wings

I traveled to Lawrence, Kansas which is the home of Johnny’s Tavern. I had been to Lawrence many times but never had gone to the OG Johnny’s. So on a lazy Saturday the boys and myself deciding we take a trip to see where the legendary Johnny’s started from and get some history with our lunch. Walking in it pretty much seemed like any other old mid town bar, kinda dirty but a cool homie feeling. Once sitting down to order one of the guys I went with had gone to one before and informed me I had to get the wings and me being a huge wing guy was pretty convinced that is what I was going with. But when the waitress came I asked her opinion if I should get the wings. Her response with “They are some FAT wings” absolutely convince me the wings was the only option.

So I got the wings with the in house sauce “Johnny’s Sauce” to keep it original. It didn’t take to long for the wings to get to the table and there was football playing on the tv so that helped pass a lot of the time to. But then they arrived… the fattest wings ever. My jaw literally dropped when she laid the wings down in front of me and the biggest and literally best smelling wings I have ever seen were laid down for me to eat. Seriously had no idea what I did to be so lucky but I started eating these wings with such a high reputation I found there was a reason they were held with such high esteem. They were no only the best tasting wings I had ever eaten but also the BIGGEST!!!

Being said these giant wings of happiness weren’t totally crazy but absolutely were eating of the topshelf. They were legendary wings from a legendary place and got a legendary stamp of approval for all topshelf eaters!


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