Top shelf fast food

Fast food….the battle cry of America, being the on the fly, busy Americans that we are, we don’t always have time to cook. Whats our solution? Fatty, greasy, glorious fast food, coming out hot and ready. What an amazing idea that we can pull up to a talking box, tell it what food and drink we want, then pull forward to a window get it then drive all in 10 minutes or less. This is the reason fast food has become the backbone of the modern american industries. Lastly, you can get a lot of food and it is fairly cheap! Perfect!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a tasty burger or some fake chicken. But for a full top shelf experience I have found the perfect fast food solution. There is a 16 inch!!! sub from jimmy johns that is truly a thing of glory. A GIANT sandwich that is super fresh and freaky fast as jimmy johns would say. But when I ordered this sandwich and it was sticking out of the bag by about 9 inches I immediately knew I had made a top shelf food move. Because anyone trying to get the top shelf experience while they are eating need to know how to get the same experience while eating fast food.

This Big sandwich can have whatever you want inside of it and whatever you pick it will be fresh and yummy. And I cant stress this enough that you get a lot of sandwich which is why I love it so much and why I think my top shelf eaters would like it too.

If your in need of fast food and want to eat off the top shelf get the 16 incher from jimmy johns. It is a big quantity of delicious food which is all a top shelf eater needs.


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