Top Shelf in the woods

I know this blog is geared towards restaurants and eating out experiences. But today we are going to change it up a little and talk about sound at home cooking. More specifically cooking duck that you have just finished hunting with your buddies.

Once you have brought your meat home there are many ways to cook your meat but I think there is only one Top Shelf way. It is a very wild but also delicious way to cook it and give you Top Shelf approved meal. Take your meat and soak it in worcestershire sauce and some thousand island. After is has soaked up that yumminess your are going to take the duck and grill it but not till it is done. Because you will take the slightly cooked duck off the grill and wrap it in…of course bacon but also pineapple in between the duck and bacon.

After all this bake it all till the bacon is done by then the duck should be too. So take it out and while it is hot put a tiny bit of brown sugar over all the duck wraps. After that wait till it cools then enjoy your Top shelf food that you were there for for every single step of the way which makes it that much more enjoyable.

Home cooking from the Top Shelf

Here in the lovely land of Conway we have been blessed with a restaurant that is so good it should be illegal. Right down Harkrider there is a little restaurant called Holly’s home cooking and it will change your life. A huge variety of main dishes and sides creates a vast choice of Top Shelf eats. It is good and Holly is actually a real person who will check you out at the register. I legit go at least once a week and it never gets old, each day brings a new special or you can go with a few dishes that are always served. Whether you go with the daily special or the standard main dish you are gonna be satisfied with amazing home cooking. Then comes the best part of Holly’s that pushes it to a Top Shelf restaurant, the sides. The sides are seriously amazing. I don’t know if Holly puts some type of drug in them but they make the meal. I always change up my sides and am always happy with whatever is put on my plate. Then last but not least, Holly’s pie is legendary. If you have room in your belly for yummy dessert the pies are dumb lit. And Top Shelf eaters always have room for dessert so get ya some pie and seek into the best food coma of your life. If your wishing you were at home and not at college hating your life go get a ya a Top Shelf home cooking meal. It’ll make you think your right back at your dinner table when your mom/dad/grandma just did WORK in the kitchen. Then go take you a nap because after the term “Holly’s coma” is real and its all totally worth it.

The greatest combo I’ve never thought of

This weekend I got the pleasure of going to Nashville, Tennessee. While there I got to have a lot of great food like awesome bbq or a lot yummy brunch. But one food item I got I immediately knew that this was Top Shelf material. We went to a soda shop and once I walked the greatest smell I’ve ever smelt in my life hit my senses. Once I made it to the cashier I asked him what that amazing smell was and he told me it was the waffles…

They put ice cream on freaking waffles! I knew that was what I wanted so I went with the Mr. Mapple. Two scoops of vanilla, one scoop of maple, on top of a fat Belgium waffle, and topping in between. I knew it would be good but I wasn’t prepared by any means for the amount of joy that was about to hit my taste buds. I don’t know how they made the ice cream or if they put crack in the waffle but every single bite was so good I was thinking it should be illegal. I knew waffles go good with everything but never thought putting ice cream and toppings would be such a legendary combo. Now I’m sure the fact that it was a super high quality Belgium waffle and not an eggo helped make it better but I’m sure it would be a good combo whatever ice cream or waffle you use it would be great.

For any Top Shelfers in Nashville looking for a sweet treat that has the potential to change your life. You have to go to the soda shop and get the waffle ice cream combo there are a couple different options so if Mr. Maple doesn’t sound good I’m sure the cookie monster will. But it is worth a try because it was so good it should be illegal.


Top shelf fast food

Fast food….the battle cry of America, being the on the fly, busy Americans that we are, we don’t always have time to cook. Whats our solution? Fatty, greasy, glorious fast food, coming out hot and ready. What an amazing idea that we can pull up to a talking box, tell it what food and drink we want, then pull forward to a window get it then drive all in 10 minutes or less. This is the reason fast food has become the backbone of the modern american industries. Lastly, you can get a lot of food and it is fairly cheap! Perfect!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a tasty burger or some fake chicken. But for a full top shelf experience I have found the perfect fast food solution. There is a 16 inch!!! sub from jimmy johns that is truly a thing of glory. A GIANT sandwich that is super fresh and freaky fast as jimmy johns would say. But when I ordered this sandwich and it was sticking out of the bag by about 9 inches I immediately knew I had made a top shelf food move. Because anyone trying to get the top shelf experience while they are eating need to know how to get the same experience while eating fast food.

This Big sandwich can have whatever you want inside of it and whatever you pick it will be fresh and yummy. And I cant stress this enough that you get a lot of sandwich which is why I love it so much and why I think my top shelf eaters would like it too.

If your in need of fast food and want to eat off the top shelf get the 16 incher from jimmy johns. It is a big quantity of delicious food which is all a top shelf eater needs.

Some FAT wings

I traveled to Lawrence, Kansas which is the home of Johnny’s Tavern. I had been to Lawrence many times but never had gone to the OG Johnny’s. So on a lazy Saturday the boys and myself deciding we take a trip to see where the legendary Johnny’s started from and get some history with our lunch. Walking in it pretty much seemed like any other old mid town bar, kinda dirty but a cool homie feeling. Once sitting down to order one of the guys I went with had gone to one before and informed me I had to get the wings and me being a huge wing guy was pretty convinced that is what I was going with. But when the waitress came I asked her opinion if I should get the wings. Her response with “They are some FAT wings” absolutely convince me the wings was the only option.

So I got the wings with the in house sauce “Johnny’s Sauce” to keep it original. It didn’t take to long for the wings to get to the table and there was football playing on the tv so that helped pass a lot of the time to. But then they arrived… the fattest wings ever. My jaw literally dropped when she laid the wings down in front of me and the biggest and literally best smelling wings I have ever seen were laid down for me to eat. Seriously had no idea what I did to be so lucky but I started eating these wings with such a high reputation I found there was a reason they were held with such high esteem. They were no only the best tasting wings I had ever eaten but also the BIGGEST!!!

Being said these giant wings of happiness weren’t totally crazy but absolutely were eating of the topshelf. They were legendary wings from a legendary place and got a legendary stamp of approval for all topshelf eaters!

Go with the octopus

I work in downtown Conway and downtown just got a new restaurant called poke-hula. My boss suggested we walk to it for our lunch break. Once we got there I quickly realized there is a plethora of options to choose from for your sushi bowl. The obvious safe tuna and salmon, or shrimp or chicken. But there was also the choice of octopus… at first I quickly thought “that ain’t happening” but then immediately knew that narrow mindedness towards new crazy food is the exact opposite of what is like to eat of the top shelf. So I decided to go with the octopus as my source of protein, and man did they really not hold back with the serving size.

So here I am bowl full of rice, octopus, pineapple, edamomae, and sweet soy sauce. (mainly octopus…lol) But I was excited I got over thinking it was gonna be gross and was ready for a new experience. And just as i hoped for, it was great!!! kinda weird but great! It wasn’t slimy and gooey or rubbery like I figured it would be but had yummy flavor and my boss thought I was weird by how much I liked it, but that’s just the life of a top shelf eater. Being okay with people thinking its wild or weird because eating new strange food is different but all part of the experience of getting the most out of food.

Trying new foods for fun is what eating off the top shelf is all about. So next time your downtown run by poke-hula and go with the octopus. You won’t be let down and it’ll be eating right off the top shelf.

First blog

What does it mean to eat off the TopShelf? Not literally eating off the a top shelf but getting the most out of food experiences and enjoyment from eating. It’s testing the waters, eating crazy, and seeing whats out there.

Tonight I went to diner at a local to Conway classic, Stoby’s. To see add to a top shelf experience I brought along some old high school friends who go to college out of state. Trading new stories and reliving old ones added to the enjoyment giving me a great top shelf time even if the food was bad. But to make sure I ordered the AMAZING chicken sandwich, which is literally what it is called on the menu. So I had to test if it was actually amazing or just a simple marketing scheme. Turns out! It was amazing a absolutely a top shelf chicken sandwich.

Stoby’s, approved to be TopShelf! Especially if you bring childhood friends you haven’t seen in awhile and if you something that is claiming to be amazing. Because one way to for sure have a TopShelf experience is great company and good food.