Top Shelf in the woods

I know this blog is geared towards restaurants and eating out experiences. But today we are going to change it up a little and talk about sound at home cooking. More specifically cooking duck that you have just finished hunting with your buddies.

Once you have brought your meat home there are many ways to cook your meat but I think there is only one Top Shelf way. It is a very wild but also delicious way to cook it and give you Top Shelf approved meal. Take your meat and soak it in worcestershire sauce and some thousand island. After is has soaked up that yumminess your are going to take the duck and grill it but not till it is done. Because you will take the slightly cooked duck off the grill and wrap it in…of course bacon but also pineapple in between the duck and bacon.

After all this bake it all till the bacon is done by then the duck should be too. So take it out and while it is hot put a tiny bit of brown sugar over all the duck wraps. After that wait till it cools then enjoy your Top shelf food that you were there for for every single step of the way which makes it that much more enjoyable.


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