Home cooking from the Top Shelf

Here in the lovely land of Conway we have been blessed with a restaurant that is so good it should be illegal. Right down Harkrider there is a little restaurant called Holly’s home cooking and it will change your life. A huge variety of main dishes and sides creates a vast choice of Top Shelf eats. It is good and Holly is actually a real person who will check you out at the register. I legit go at least once a week and it never gets old, each day brings a new special or you can go with a few dishes that are always served. Whether you go with the daily special or the standard main dish you are gonna be satisfied with amazing home cooking. Then comes the best part of Holly’s that pushes it to a Top Shelf restaurant, the sides. The sides are seriously amazing. I don’t know if Holly puts some type of drug in them but they make the meal. I always change up my sides and am always happy with whatever is put on my plate. Then last but not least, Holly’s pie is legendary. If you have room in your belly for yummy dessert the pies are dumb lit. And Top Shelf eaters always have room for dessert so get ya some pie and seek into the best food coma of your life. If your wishing you were at home and not at college hating your life go get a ya a Top Shelf home cooking meal. It’ll make you think your right back at your dinner table when your mom/dad/grandma just did WORK in the kitchen. Then go take you a nap because after the term “Holly’s coma” is real and its all totally worth it.


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