The greatest combo I’ve never thought of

This weekend I got the pleasure of going to Nashville, Tennessee. While there I got to have a lot of great food like awesome bbq or a lot yummy brunch. But one food item I got I immediately knew that this was Top Shelf material. We went to a soda shop and once I walked the greatest smell I’ve ever smelt in my life hit my senses. Once I made it to the cashier I asked him what that amazing smell was and he told me it was the waffles…

They put ice cream on freaking waffles! I knew that was what I wanted so I went with the Mr. Mapple. Two scoops of vanilla, one scoop of maple, on top of a fat Belgium waffle, and topping in between. I knew it would be good but I wasn’t prepared by any means for the amount of joy that was about to hit my taste buds. I don’t know how they made the ice cream or if they put crack in the waffle but every single bite was so good I was thinking it should be illegal. I knew waffles go good with everything but never thought putting ice cream and toppings would be such a legendary combo. Now I’m sure the fact that it was a super high quality Belgium waffle and not an eggo helped make it better but I’m sure it would be a good combo whatever ice cream or waffle you use it would be great.

For any Top Shelfers in Nashville looking for a sweet treat that has the potential to change your life. You have to go to the soda shop and get the waffle ice cream combo there are a couple different options so if Mr. Maple doesn’t sound good I’m sure the cookie monster will. But it is worth a try because it was so good it should be illegal.



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